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Today's environmental concerns, such as air and water pollution,
deforestation and species extinction, and climate change, are complicated and interconnected. Of course, addressing these crucial issues necessitates a thorough environmental investigation.

The environmental studies branch of PT Syslab evaluates every environmental concern with the goal of detecting problems and developing effective and realistic solutions. The study environment division is a division that focuses on the study of the execution of environmental legislation by the owners of activities orcorporate actors with the xgoal of protecting and enhancing the quality of the environment . 

Scope Of Service 
Environmental Study

> Environmental               Monitoring Report
> Social Mapping
> Environmental               Baseline Analysis
> Water Quality Study
> Air Emmision
> Traffic Monitoring
> Traffic Impact Analysis
> Oceanografi                 Monitoring
> Biodiversity                   Monitoring

> Environmental       Mapping
> Waste Study
> Life - Cycle Assesment 
> ESA Phase I and II

> Energy Audits
> Proper 
> WWTP                     Optimization
> Waste to Energy     Concept

> 3R for Domestic     Waste Management
> Formulations for AMR and AFR
> Finger Prints
> Case Study

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