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Petroleum is a raw material which is used to produce fuel, gas and hydrocarbon-based derivatives such as lubricants, fertilizers, plastics, rubber, pharmaceuticals, and distillates.

Petroleum Chemistry is a branch of chemistry that essential to studies and analyzes the transformation from crude oil (petroleum) and natural gas into useful products or raw materials.

With laboratory testing, we will assist you by providing the required information based on product specifications or other special requirements of raw materials (crude oil), refining products, finished products, petroleum derivatives products, and chemicals used during the petroleum production process and industry.

Scope Of Service 
Petroleum Chemistry

Petroleum Product

> Lubricant & Grease
> Fuel
> Crude Oil
> Natural Gas (Composition, Sampling & onsite analysis)
> Formation water analysis
> Etc

Chemical Screening 

> Oil Spill Despresant
> Corrosion Inhibitor
> H2S Scavenger
> Pour Point Depressant
> scale inhibitor
> biocide
> Demusifier


> Coal
> Activated Carbon
> Bahan Tambang 


> Scale/Deposit Analysis
> Chemical Composition
> Filter analysis
> Chemical Purity

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