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Industrial Hygiene

Industrial hygiene is the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and
control of those environmental factors or stresses arising in or from the workplace which may cause sicknes, impaired health and well being , or significant discomfort among worker or among citizens of the community.

Having a strong industrial hygiene program in place helps to ensure compliance to occupational health and safety laws ,as well as reduce downtime and increase employee morale.

Protecting workers health , providing peace of mind, and productive healthy workers

Scope Of Service 
Industrial Hygiene

Physicial Agenst

> Noise Mapping
> Noise Dose
> Hand Arm Vibration
> Whole Body Vibration
> Heat/Cold Stress
> Light Intensity
> Electro-magnetic Field 

Chemical Substance

> Particullate/ Dust or Fiber
> Toxic Gases
> Organic Vapour
> Fumes (Inc. Welding Fumes)
> Etc


> Indoor Air Quality
> Bio-Monitoring
> Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
> Work-related stress                         (Physicological)
> Industrial Hygiene Program             Development
> Respiratory Protection
> Dermal Exprousure Assesment 

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